The Innoaquatech Decision Support Tool lets you create your own virtual aquaculture facility by specifying the most important parameters.

You can e.g. choose the number, volume and dimensions of tanks, adapt the water circulation management in the system, make decisions about the farmed species and put custom prices on the main resources that are necessary to run such an aquaculture facility.
According to your selection you will receive information about the quantity of consumed resources, as well as their respective economic correlations under the specific scenario you have chosen.

Try it out!

For more information about how this simulation works, which assumptions have been made and which limitations this tool has, please have a look at the source code on Gitlab or Contact the developers of this tool.


The information provided in the InnoAquaTech Decision-Support-Tool is based on multiple models for different components of a virtual aquaculture facility.
These models are simplifications of real-world and use limited datasets, as well as generalizations of assumptions and limitations.
Any errors contained in the datasets and in the assumptions may multiply. Thus, the results of the Decision-Support-Tool should be seen as a rough estimation of the virtual facility's performance in terms of resource consumption and economic feasibility.
The results of the tool are NOT accurate enough to be used e.g. as an exclusive tool for facility planning, which we recommend should be done with the help of expert advisors.
The source code of the tool is published under a GPL-2 license on Gitlab.
It can be used and modified according to the terms of the license.